Studentische Interessenvertretung

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The “Arbeitskreis Mechatronik und Informationstechnik” consists of members of the student councils Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering/Chemical Engineering and is a central contact point for students and prospective students of the MIT course of studies for problems, questions or suggestions concerning studies.

Consultation hours

Here you can get advice on questions about the course of studies, elective modules or failed exams. We also have an open ear for e.g. improvement suggestions for the MIT program and can represent your concerns to the professors.

The online office hours in the lecture period this semester take place every wednesday from 1pm to 2pm here. Just come by!
(Please note that the office hours take place in the winter semester at the ETEC student council and in the summer semester at the mechanical engineering student council.)

Otherwise you have the possibility to contact us by mail infoatak-mit [punkt] vs [punkt] kit [punkt] edu infoatak-mit [punkt] vs [punkt] kit [punkt] edu (info[at]ak-mit[dot]vs[dot]kit[dot]edu).


Welcome to KIT! In order to give you some orientation before the lectures start, we have prepared a booklet with the most important information on how to start studying. Remember to register for the O-Phase at the respective websites of the MACH and ETEC student councils. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. The e-mail for this is infoatak-mit [punkt] vs [punkt] kit [punkt] edu (info[at]ak-mit[dot]vs[dot]kit[dot]edu).