Studentische Interessenvertretung

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Contact persons

On this page, the main liaisons for students inside the Fachschaft are listed. To contact them, you can select the respective category in the contact form. If your category is not listed, you can select the common Fachschaft address.


Faculty for Mechanical Engineering


Theresa Streib


Jan-Eric Seidensticker


Konstantin Nowak

Fakultät Chemieingenieurwesen


Stefan Schmidt


Marius Malthaner


Helene Ober

The Speakers of the Fachschaft are elected by the student body and represent their subject. They are responsible for the general coordination of the Fachschaft. The first Speaker takes the role of the Head of the Fachschaft, the other two fulfil the roles of Speaker of Committees and Speaker of Public Relations.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the highest legislative body of the faculty. Among its members are all professors, three to five scientific assistants, one doctoral researcher, a representative of the administration and five (CIW) / eight (MACH) students. Professors are members by virtue of their office, all other members are elected annually.
The Faculty Council discusses the development of the faculty with respect to teaching and research. For example, cooperations between institutes within collaborative research centres are forged. Topics within the realm of teachings were e.g. the new SPOs of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.
Furthermore, the Faculty Council appoints professors and issues academic degrees. For more specific tasks, the Faculty Council cooperates with the designated committees.

Examination Board

The examination board decides on the recognition of examinations of other universities of programmes. Furthermore, any request for extension of second retest must be supported by the examination board.
The procedures for second retest and extension requests are different for the two faculties. You can get information on the exact procedures during the consultation hours of the respective board or by the student representatives of the Fachschaft. They can help you best if you write an email describing your situation first.
In the examination board of CIW, applications to higher semesters and by students of other universities are evaluated. For Mechanical engineering, these are discussed in separate commissions. The consultation hours of the commissions are listed on the respective faculty homepages.

Admissions Committee

Formally, the Master programme is an independent course of studies. This makes it necessary to reapply after the bachelor's degree. The application documents are processed by the admissions committee, which checks if all requirements given by the Admissions Regulation are fulfilled and decides on conditions on the admission ("Auflagenprüfungen", required exams). A special challenge is the recognition of foreign degrees. If changes of the Admissions Regulation are necessary due to legal or political reasons, the committee designs a proposal.

Financial Officers

Financial Officer

Konstantin Nowak

Financial Planning Officer

Steven Phung

The Fachschaft is backed by a non-profit organisation. The Financial Officer is responsible for the finances of this organisation. They are responsible for the finances of Fachschaft parties, the sale of old exams, the orientation weeks and many more. Additionally, they keep contact to the tax office and our tax consultant.
Apart from the non-profit organisations, the Fachschaft can tap into another source of funding: the budget of the constituted student body. The Financial Planning Officer is responsible for this pot of money. It is used for buying IT infrastructure, organize excursions, buying paper, ...
Both officers manage the entire finances of the Fachschaft.

Equipment Manager

The equipment manager is responsible for the equipment of the Fachschaft. Apart from its internal tasks during parties or the orientation weeks, the equipment manager decides on requests for loan of the barbecue, folding tables, etc. You can ask them for any questions on borrowing stuff. Additionally, the AStA Wiki has a list of loanable items of all student councils.

Webmaster and IT Administration

For an efficient workflow in the Fachschaft, some tools such as PC, emails and website are crucial. That's what the Admins are for: we are responsible for the mail and webservers and the workstations. If you have a question concerning the website or encountered a technical problem while using one of the services of the Fachschaft, you can contact the administrators using the contact form (Webmaster).