Studentische Interessenvertretung

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Master O-Phase


Dear Master freshmen,

the MACH/CIW student council would like to welcome you to KIT! No matter if you are a newcomer to Karlsruhe or already did your bachelors at KIT - you are warmly invited to participate in our Master orientation week!

Save the date

Among other things, the Master orientation week (O-Phase) will take place from 10.04.2024 to 18.04.2024 and will give you the opportunity to celebrate having passed your Bachelor and to get to know your fellow Master freshman. The O-Phase generally does not require registration but does require you to present your certificate of study.

You will receive a wristband at our welcome that identifies you as part of our Master-O-Phase. For this purpose, we ask you to bring a valid certificate of study (digitally is also allowed). This way we can make sure that especially you as a first-year student can participate in the O-Phase.

You can create and download your study certificates here.


Information session on Wednesday 10.04.2024

Especially recommended for those who are new to KIT. Here you will receive valuable information and can ask your questions. After the information event, we invite you to a champagne reception followed by a barbecue to get to know each other better. 

When: 14 -15:00


  • Maschinenbau - Benz-Hörsaal (Geb. 10.21 EG)
  • Ciw/Biw - Daimler-Hörsaal (Geb. 10.21 2.OG)
  • Mechatronik - Redtenbacher-Hörsaal (Geb. 10.91 EG)
  • Materialwissenschaften - Oberer Hörsaal (Geb. 10.91 2. OG)
  • Elektro- und Informationstechnik  - Hertz-Hörsaal (Geb. 10.11 1. OG)

For better orientation you can find the online campusplan here.



How to KIT : 15.04.2024 9:45 - 10:30 (Geb. 30.33 Messtechnik-Hörsaal (MTI))

Especially recommended for those who are new to KIT. At this event we will talk about all important digital systems (e.g. Ilias, Campus management system) and other things necessary for sucessfully studying in Karlsruhe. 

If you want to get to know the KIT campus there will be a guided tour immediatly after the event.


You can find all other events in the calender.

Don't forget!

Don't forget to sign up for the Master Semester Distribution List. You will always receive the latest information from your student council via the mail distribution list, which exclusively concerns your studies and the student council.

We welcome you warmly and wish you a good start at KIT.

Your student council MACH/CIW