Studentische Interessenvertretung

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Master O-Phase


Dear Master Freshmen,

the Fachschaft MACH / CIW (student council) would like to welcome you to KIT! No matter if you did your Bachelor's degree at KIT or another university and no matter if you have just started your Master or will soon be starting it - you found the right place.

Master Orientation-Phase

The Master O-Phase will take place in the beginning of the Semester (27.10.2022 - 30.10.2022) and offers you the opportunity to celebrate your Bachelor's degree and get to know your new Master's students.


The programm for the Master O-Phase is ready. We've planned four events for you. At the beginning there will be the information event and the following pub tour with some of the nicest pubs of Karlsruhe. At Saturday we'll show you the campus of KIT and relaxe the evening at the AKK. At the end there will be a hicking tour on Sunday.


Informationsveranstaltung on 27.10. at18:00 - 19:30:

For MACH: Carl-Benz-Hörsaal 10.21

For CIW& BIW: Gottlieb-Daimler-Hörsaal 10.21

For MIT: Redtenbacher Hörsaal 10.91

For MatWerk: Oberer Hörsaal 10.91

For MACH International: Großer Seminarraum, Raum 380, 10.91

We plan to share the information event online via Zoom.

The slides of the information-event are now available on our download-page.


Pub tour at 27.10 at 20:00 - 23:30:

You need to sign up for for the pub tour.

Before the pub tour we meet up before building 10.91


Campus tour with conclusion at AKK at 29.10 at 16:00:

If you're nor familiar with our campus this is no problem. We will show you all the important buildings und places you beed to know for your study. After that tour we look towards a nice relaxing evening on the AKK.

The tour will start in front of the blue Mechanical-Engineering-Building 10.23


Hicking tour at 30.10 at 8:00 - 17:00: 

The last day of the Master O-Phase is the hicking tour. We go to Black Forrest together and hicke there.

We meet at 8:00 o'clock in front of the main station Karlsruhe.

Pay attention to the time change


Any questions?

Contact for questions regarding the Master events are Mateo and Luca. Just write an e-mail to master [punkt] oorgaatfs-fmc [punkt] kit [punkt] edu.

General and academic questions are answered via fachschaftatfs-fmc [punkt] kit [punkt] edu.

Do not forget!

And don't forget to sign up for the Master semester mailing list. The mailing list will always provide you with the latest information from the student council and also only concerning your studies and the student council.

You can find more information in the FAQs on our homepage. If you still can't find what you're looking for, you can contact the student council with all your questions using the contact form or by e-mail at fachschaftatfs-fmc [punkt] kit [punkt] edu.

Your Fachschaft MACH / CIW