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Getting Started

Getting Started


You're losing the overview in a load of information and fear missing important things? On this page, we list some things that you shouldn't miss at the start of your studies at KIT.

KIT Card

Your KIT Card is a multi-purpose card and serves for example as a library pass. Additionally, it grants you 24/7 access to the library. To use the library, you first must register here. Important bits on the library:

  • Lockers in the basement
  • Individual and group workspaces
  • You can look for books on the library homepage and either order or take them directly from the shelves. Books are to be checked out at one of the terminals on the ground floor
  • Lending period: 4 weeks, can be extended
  • See Table of fees for exceeding the deadline

Furthermore, the KIT Card acts as a dining hall card. You can recharge your card at the vending machines in the foyer of the dining hall using cash or your bank card.

  • Tip 1: There are several apps for smartphones which display the current menu.
  • Tip 2: At the lecture note sale, you can activate "Autoload". This function automatically reloads your card and you will never have not enough credit at the checkout (Details).


At the beginning of your studies, you will receive a letter with the username and password of your u-Account. You need this account for all IT services at KIT, e.g. registering for exams, accessing lecture documents on ILIAS and using the printing services at the SCC. You can log into all PCs in the computer rooms at the computer centre (the EM tutorials also take place there) and work there, and you can use the account for Wi-Fi access almost everywhere on campus and at most universities of the world. Of course, you can also use the printing service of the computer centre, and especially at the beginning of the lecture period, this service is extremely helpful for printing lecture notes (not all of them can be directly bought). You can buy the necessary credit at the vending machine in the foyer of the SCC. You can find help with anything concerning the SCC on their homepage.

Mailing list

Please register for the official mailing lists for your programme. Then you will automatically receive all important information from the Fachschaft. Our mailing lists (also master's degrees) are listed here. Additionally, you can follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to be kept up to date.

Study Portal

The study portal is the central contact point for registration of exams, grade table, certificates (KVV warrant and study certificates), etc. You can also find the university calendar, an interactive campus site plan and a lot more in the study portal. You can also change the personal settings of your u-Account and for Re-Registration each semester. The study portal can be found on

Semester ticket and KVV warrant

The KVV domain reaches from Bühl in the south to Landau in the north and can be used with a Semester ticket without restrictions. The semester ticket amounts to about 170 € and is valid for 6 months. To buy a semester ticket, you need a printed study certificate (can be downloaded in the study portal, menu "certificates"), and you must show this at your preferred KVV shop. The ticket is only valid in combination with your KIT card. Without a semester ticket, you can use the entire KVV network from Monday to Friday during the night (6 pm to 5 am the next day) as well as on Saturday, Sunday and holidays for free. For that, you need the KVV warrant which can be downloaded in the study portal. In combination with your KIT card, it is a valid ticket.

Free Rental Bikes

You can create a nextbike-account using your u-account email address, with which you can rent up to two bikes for 30 minutes, free of charge. You can use this in (almost) all of Germany. More Information.

Address change

When moving to Karlsruhe, you need to register at the municipality within two weeks. If you register Karlsruhe as your principal residence, you will get several presents, because the city is of course interested in new inhabitants.

Sport Courses

At the Hochschulsport of KIT, you can take a variety of courses. There is also a gym (walk-in) and a pool. Registration for the courses is always at the start of the semester, costing 10 - 40 € per course and semester. Most courses are fully booked in minutes, so note the beginning of registrations on 19th Oktober 2022 and pay the base fee of 10 € beforehand (Possible starting from 10th Oktober 2022). All information can be found on the website of Hochschulsport.

Language Courses

Arabic, Japanese or Swedish? The centre for languages has a lot to offer. One course per semester is free, every additional one costs 60 €. For some of the courses, you need to take a placement test. The start of registrations is the 17th of October 2022. Further Information here.


There are several possibilities to finance your studies or to make a little money on the side. One of those is scholarships. You may think you are not good enough and your grades may not be the best. But don't be afraid! For most scholarships your grades aren't the only factor, but rather your social engagement and community involvement as well. Just try it. And don't lose hope if you're not successful for the first time. During the semester there is normally an informative event with introductions to the different scholarships.