Studentische Interessenvertretung

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What we do?

The student council´s work is very diverse. In the following we would like to give you a little overview of our main activities. If you want to know more, feel free to come and visit us!


Our main activity is and remains the counselling of students. No matter if you have general questions about studying, exams or a semester abroad, we are here to help and advise you. In case we don´t know ourselves, we usually know a contact person who can help you. Like that, an average of 15-20 emails and countless questions are answered during our office hours every day.


Another large part of the work of the student representatives is the committee work. Students of our faculties are represented in many university-wide committees. These are on the one hand committees of the faculty such as the examination board, the study commission and the faculty council, but also in committees of the departments (higher-ranking organizational units). Furthermore, we are represented in interdisciplinary committees, such as the Fachschaftenkonferenz and countless smaller committees and commissions.

Now, of course, the question arises: What is the benefit?
In many of the committees mentioned, student representatives have the right to vote, so they can actively participate in the decision-making process in addition to discussing matters with other committee members. However, the students do not represent their own opinions there, but the opinions of the student council which we form at the student council meeting and at preliminary meetings.


Surely you can remember your O-Fest or have already been to one of our summer or winter parties. These celebrations are planned by a small group of student representatives a few months in advance. Permissions must be obtained from the city and the KIT, material and equipment needs to be organized, food must be planned and so on…

On the day of the party, as well as on the day before and after, the whole student council is on its feet. Then, it is not uncommon to work for more than 24 hours straight to set up everything, to work shifts behind the bar and at the food stand, but also to clean up and restore everything again.

All profits that we make at our parties flows into the refinancing of our parties, the “ OPhase” and purchases for the student council (printer, equipment, ...).


The student council also plays an important role in exam preparation. We contact lecturers and collect old exams from them. These are then prepared and assembled into our collections and, of course, printed - a logistical achievement not to be underestimated, considering that each of us usually writes several written exams per semester.

We collect examination protocols for oral examinations or for exams of which the lecturers do not want to provide old exams from our students, which we then make available to everyone at the student council office.

In addition to exam preparation, we are also involved in the planning of exam dates. We work out a proposal for each faculty, in which a multitude of boundary conditions have to be considered, e.g. vacation of the institutes, given examination dates (HM, physics, ...), multiple occurrence of the examinations in different study courses, ... This results in the best possible distribution of exam dates every semester. This will then be made available to you on our homepage after confirmation by the institutes.

And what else?

Beside the main activities there are many other important tasks like the admins who take care of the IT infrastructure, including the homepage you are currently visiting, the treasurers who take care of the financial affairs of the student council and the materialists who take care of our party equipment and lend it to other student councils and university groups during the semester. All in all there is something for everyone!