Studentische Interessenvertretung


All information about our student council and the winter semester can be found on our COVID-19 page. Oral examination protocols will be sent to you free of charge by mail after ordering them via the Protokoll-Formular . Unfortunately the sale of practice exams will start later than expected. As soon as we start selling the exams all the information can be found here.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide all of our content in English. If the selected content is not available in English, you will automatically be redirected to the German page.





Liebe Studierende,

aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten an unserer Homepage sind leider noch nicht alle Bereiche der Homepage verfügbar. Wir bitten euch um etwas Geduld. Für Fragen sind wir weiterhin per Mail erreichbar.

Viele Grüße
Eure Fachschaf



Liebe Studierende,

aufgrund von Arbeiten auf unserer Homepage kann es während des Wochenendes (17.12.-19.12.) zu Ausfällen der Webseite kommen. Per E-Mail sind wir trotzdem noch zu erreichen. 

Viele Grüße,

Eure Fachschaft

Budenzauber 2021


Dear students,

unfortunately we had to cancel our Budenzauber this year at short notice. The planning was already in full swing, but as the Corona situation has worsened in recent weeks, we decided to postpone the Party once again.

We hope you have a nice christmas time and hopefully we will see you at the Budenzauber 2022 at the latest.

Your student council

Student Council Meeting on the 03.11.2021


Dear students,

although we were very happy to hold our next meeting in the Grashof lecture hall and had invited accordingly, we now unfortunately have to hold our meeting digitally again for the time being.
So if you want to participate, our meeting will take place on 03.11 from 19 o'clock on our Discordserver. We are looking forward to all new or known faces.

Hopefully soon again in presence.

Kind regards
Your student council

Thank You For The Great Orientation Phase


Dear freshmen,

The O-Phase is now over and the semester is slowly beginning. We had a lot of fun with you and hope you enjoyed it as well. Thank you very much for participating!

We hope to see you again in the future. We'd love for you to stop by our meeting. A good date to stop by is Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021, and if you have any questions about studying, feel free to stop by anytime. Currently online on our discordserver, but soon again in our office in room 107 in building 10.23. You will get more detailed information when the time comes.

A big thank you goes to all the people who helped us and made the O-Phase possible. Especially we want to mention our O-Orga, without them there would have been no O-Phase.

We wish you a lot of fun and success in your studies.

Kind regards
Your student council



Dear freshmen,

after cleaning up, we found some things in the castle garden that you might want to get back. If you have lost something, please contact us.

Kind regards
Your student council

Schließung des Altklausurenverkaufs

Schließung Altklauserverkauf

Dear students,

the exam period is slowly coming to an end and we also want to take a small break in the sale of old exams for this semester. Thus, this Friday, 01.10.2021, will be the last date to pick up old exams. Protocols can of course still be ordered and will be sent.

For the exam period in WS21/22 we will of course start the sale again in time.

Kind regards
Your student council

Your (Bachelor-)Orientation-Phase


Dear future freshmen,

are you ready yet? We are already busy planning your Ophase and if you haven't noticed yet, here it is again:
Everything will take place and a large part of the events will also take place in presence.

Even if there is no general registration you should register here for the first day (04.10). You will get all important information during the Ophase, but if you are already curious, you can find a lot of information and tips on our homepage.

Have a look!

Have fun in your O-Phase. Hopefully we will see each other.

Your student council

We Need You! Be Part of the Crew!


Dear students,

October and with it the O-Phase is coming soon and we need your support to give this year's freshmen a fun and good start into their studies!

The O-Phase will take place this year from 04.10.2021 to 17.10.2021.

As things stand, we are planning these as best we can in attendance, although some events are of course still with a question mark, the concept needs to be revised a bit or are scheduled variably in terms of time.  Therefore, the allocation/selection will not be based on the event, but on the time availability during the two weeks.
So you can't say that you only want to be part of the pub crawl ;)

Of course, the health of the tutors and our first-year students is our top priority, which is why we have developed a detailed hygiene and testing concept and adhere to the guidelines of the federal government, the state and the KIT. Of course, this also means that some things may change in the course of the next weeks, but we will keep you informed in any case.

Registration is open until 31.08.21, you can find the registration form on our website in the O-Phase tab.

Please read the text explaining the registration on the registration page again! If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to use the space provided.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact tutoratfs-fmc [punkt] kit [punkt] edu.
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact oorgaatfs-fmc [punkt] kit [punkt] edu.
We are looking forward and counting on you!

Kind regards
Your Orga

Exam Sale Time Changes


Dear Students,

during the exam period we will change the times of our exam sale. You can pick up exams and exam protocols every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 17:00 and 18:00. You still must order before pick up! Please come during the following slots for pick up to avoid a crowd before the mechanical engineering building and reduce your waiting time:

  • 17:00-17:05: matriculation number with a 0 at the end
  • 17:05-17:10: matriculation number with a 1 at the end
  • 17:10-17:15: matriculation number with a 2 at the end
  • 17:15-17:20: matriculation number with a 3 at the end
  • 17:20-17:25: matriculation number with a 4 at the end
  • 17:25-17:30: matriculation number with a 5 at the end
  • 17:35-17:40: matriculation number with a 6 at the end
  • 17:40-17:45: matriculation number with a 7 at the end
  • 17:45-17:50: matriculation number with a 8 at the end
  • 17:50-17:55: matriculation number with a 9 at the end

The health and other requirements stay the same. Please check the confirmation e-mail after your order for all details.

Good luck for your exams.

your Fachschaft

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