Studentische Interessenvertretung


All information about our student council and the winter semester can be found on our COVID-19 page. Oral examination protocols will be sent to you free of charge by mail after ordering them via the Protokoll-Formular . Unfortunately the sale of practice exams will start later than expected. As soon as we start selling the exams all the information can be found here.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide all of our content in English. If the selected content is not available in English, you will automatically be redirected to the German page.




Liebe Erstis,

nach dem Aufräumen haben wir noch einige Sachen im Schlossgarten gefunden, die ihr eventuell gerne wiederhaben möchtet. Wenn ihr etwas verloren habt, meldet euch bei uns.

Liebe Grüße
Eure Fachschaft

Schließung des Altklausurenverkaufs

Liebe Studis,

so langsam neigt sich der Prüfungszeitraum dem Ende zu und auch wir wollen für dieses Semester eine kleine Pause im Altklausurenverkauf machen. Somit wird diesen Freitag, am 01.10.2021, der letzte Termin zur Abholung von Altklausuren sein. Protokolle können natürlich noch weiterhin bestellt werden und werden zugeschickt.

Für die Prüfungsphase im WS21/22 starten wir selbstverständlich wieder rechtzeitg den Verkauf.

Liebe Grüße
Eure Fachschaft

Your (Bachelor-)Orientation-Phase

Dear future freshmen,

are you ready yet? We are already busy planning your Ophase and if you haven't noticed yet, here it is again:
Everything will take place and a large part of the events will also take place in presence.

Even if there is no general registration you should register here for the first day (04.10). You will get all important information during the Ophase, but if you are already curious, you can find a lot of information and tips on our homepage.

Have a look!

Have fun in your O-Phase. Hopefully we will see each other.

Your student council

We Need You! Be Part of the Crew!

Dear students,

October and with it the O-Phase is coming soon and we need your support to give this year's freshmen a fun and good start into their studies!

The O-Phase will take place this year from 04.10.2021 to 17.10.2021.

As things stand, we are planning these as best we can in attendance, although some events are of course still with a question mark, the concept needs to be revised a bit or are scheduled variably in terms of time.  Therefore, the allocation/selection will not be based on the event, but on the time availability during the two weeks.
So you can't say that you only want to be part of the pub crawl ;)

Of course, the health of the tutors and our first-year students is our top priority, which is why we have developed a detailed hygiene and testing concept and adhere to the guidelines of the federal government, the state and the KIT. Of course, this also means that some things may change in the course of the next weeks, but we will keep you informed in any case.

Registration is open until 31.08.21, you can find the registration form on our website in the O-Phase tab.

Please read the text explaining the registration on the registration page again! If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to use the space provided.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact tutoratfs-fmc [punkt] kit [punkt] edu.
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact oorgaatfs-fmc [punkt] kit [punkt] edu.
We are looking forward and counting on you!

Kind regards
Your Orga

Exam Sale Time Changes


Dear Students,

during the exam period we will change the times of our exam sale. You can pick up exams and exam protocols every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 17:00 and 18:00. You still must order before pick up! Please come during the following slots for pick up to avoid a crowd before the mechanical engineering building and reduce your waiting time:

  • 17:00-17:05: matriculation number with a 0 at the end
  • 17:05-17:10: matriculation number with a 1 at the end
  • 17:10-17:15: matriculation number with a 2 at the end
  • 17:15-17:20: matriculation number with a 3 at the end
  • 17:20-17:25: matriculation number with a 4 at the end
  • 17:25-17:30: matriculation number with a 5 at the end
  • 17:35-17:40: matriculation number with a 6 at the end
  • 17:40-17:45: matriculation number with a 7 at the end
  • 17:45-17:50: matriculation number with a 8 at the end
  • 17:50-17:55: matriculation number with a 9 at the end

The health and other requirements stay the same. Please check the confirmation e-mail after your order for all details.

Good luck for your exams.

your Fachschaft

Re-Registration Period SoSe21

Dear students,

It's that time again! The re-registration period has started again and, as with many things, you tend to forget about it in the stress of the exam period.

So here is our little reminder for you.
Good luck with your exams

Kind regards,
Your student council

Old Exam Sale SoSe2021

Dear students!

We have news about the sale of old exams! We are able to reopen the sale of old exams and try to offer you many old exams online.

Please read the information carefully and pay attention to the special dates!

You can pick up the old exams after previous order starting from 01.07.2021!

The KIT hygiene regulations apply!

  • Order:
  • Orders are valid for one week. Please pick up the exams promptly!
  • Ordered before 10 a.m.: can be picked up on the same day, otherwise not until the following day.
  • Pick-up location: foyer of the Mechanical Engineeering Building (Building 10.23)
  • When: Monday through Friday, 4-6 p.m.
  • Hygiene measures:
    • Mandatory masks: OP masks, FFP2 or respectively masks of the standards KN95/N95
    • Safety distance of 1,50m!
    • Pick-up slots to avoid queues. Please come only within the following time periods:

        16.00-16.10: matriculation number with a 0 at the end
        16.10-16.20: matriculation number with a 1 at the end
        16.20-16.30: matriculation number with a 2 at the end
        16.30-16.40: matriculation number with a 3 at the end
        16.40-16.50: matriculation number with a 4 at the end
        17.00-17.10: matriculation number with a 5 at the end
        17.10-17.20: matriculation number with a 6 at the end
        17.20-17.30: matriculation number with a 7 at the end
        17.30-17.40: matriculation number with an 8 at the end
        17.40-17.50: matriculation number with a 9 at the end

Old Exams Online

We have asked all examiners if we are allowed to upload the old exams. If we are allowed to do so, we will upload them continuously in our ILIAS course. Unfortunately we could not put many exams online until now:

However, many profs do not want their old exams to be viewed online either. Therefore printing is the best compromise to be able to give you as many exams as possible to study at the end of the day. Many professors now also put exams online themselves, so feel free to look through the materials of your courses again.
Examination Protocols

ou can still order protocols and we will send them to you by mail. In order to keep the queues short, we do not offer a pick-up service for the time being. Please order early before the exams, experience has shown that the mail takes a little longer than you may be used to from the world's leading mail order company with premium shipping. You can find the form here: 

  Further FAQ 
Can I order for fellow students?
Sure, gladly. We also want to avoid queuing and minimize waiting times. Feel free to order for your fellow students, your shared apartment, or your neighbors so fewer have to come to campus. You are also welcome to pick up orders from fellow students, you just need to know the name that was ordered under.
Can I have my exams shipped to me?

We are not able to ship exams! If you do not have the possibility to pick up your exams, please ask your fellow students in Karlsruhe. If you really have no other possibility, please send an email to klausurabholungatfs-fmc [punkt] kit [punkt] edu

Are all exams up to date?

We try to provide all exams up to date until the start of the sale. Due to the current problems with viewing dates, it may happen that institutes do not want to publish the exams yet. You can find out whether your exam is up to date on the overview on our website:

I can't find my exam in the list!

   We do not have official solutions for all exams. In this case we cannot offer old exams. However, there might be students who have already written the subject and have created an exam protocol for it. You can find a list of protocols here: If you have found protocols, you can order them here:

I still have open questions!

   Please send us a mail to klausurabholungatfs-fmc [punkt] kit [punkt] edu, we will try to answer your mails.

Learning group exchange

As it was not easy to find new learning partners this year, we would like to point you to our learning group exchange. Here you can post if you are looking for a learning group or if there is room for one or two more people in your learning group. You can find the learning group exchange in our Ilias course, to write or read a post you have to join the course first.


We look forward to seeing you and hope you are all healthy and hopefully stay that way!

Kind regards
Your student council

Old Exam Sale for July 2021

Dear students,

unfortunately, just when we needed it the most, our printer died. At least it doesn't do what we want it to do. But you know it is with printers.
We are trying to fix everything as soon as possible and hope that everything will work again by the end of the week (beginning of July). We will definitely inform you when you can pick up your exams.

We hope you have a little patience.

Kind regards
Your student council

Elections 2021

Dear students,

Monday, June 28, 2021 starts our election week and as always we hope that many of you will cast your vote.
This year there are some special features and therefore we want to explain briefly what you can vote and how you can vote.

 Faculty Council Elections and Senate Elections

When can I vote?

The Faculty Council and Senate Council elections will take place on 29.06.2021 from 09:00 to 16:00 in the Mechanical Engineering Building (10.23).

How can I vote?

 These elections actually take place in attendance. Anyone who has ever participated in elections will know how this works:

        You get a ballot.
        You go to the voting booth and fill out your ballot.
        You drop your ballot into the ballot box.
        It's that easy....

Why should I vote?

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the highest decision-making body of the faculty. It includes all professors, three to five academic staff members, one administrative and technical staff member, and five (CIW) or eight (MACH) student representatives. It should be noted that professors are members by virtue of their office and all other members are elected annually.

The topics of the Faculty Council include helping to shape the long-term development of the faculty with regard to research and teaching. For example, professorships are established and decisions are made about cooperation between individual institutes in future collaborative research centers. The development of teaching in recent years has been strongly influenced by the introduction of the new degree programs MEI (Mechanical Engineering International) and the development of the new study regulations for MACH, CIW and MIT.

In addition, the Faculty Council appoints professors and grants academic degrees. In general, the Faculty Council works closely with individual committees that focus more closely on specific subject areas.

You can use your vote to elect our student representatives to the Faculty Council so that we can represent you in the best possible way.


According to the KIT Law, the KIT Senate decides on decisive matters of research, teaching, studies, and further education. Among other things, it confirms the election of the presidium members and comments on the structure and development plan. In addition, it advises the Commission of Grantors, the Supervisory Board, and the Presidium on important scientific and technical issues.

The Senate is one of the highest bodies at KIT and with your vote you can also represent your opinion here via our student representatives.

 Student Council, Student Parliament and Strike Ballots

When can I vote?

These elections will be held the entire week of 06/28/2021 through 06/04/2021.

How can I vote?

The whole election week will take place online like last year. As soon as the online elections start you will find the link here.

Why should I vote?
Student Council

The student council - a cooperative, supportive and fun planning instance between the students and the institutions of study cannot stand on two feet without an elected student council board - let alone walk! The student representative of a student council takes over all kinds of organizational obligations, seeks contact and connections to other areas and instances on the KIT campus and is decisive in coordination and implementation of changes within the student council as well as in planned events for the students.

The first student council speaker is our student council leader and the other two divide the tasks of the committee speaker and the public spokesperson between them.

In the upcoming elections it is your task to give the student council a face that represents you, your wishes and your needs and also responsibly puts them into action.

You can find a list of our representatives in our WahlSchärferBitte 2021.

Student Parliament

The student parliament (StuPa) is the decision-making body of the student body. It consists of 25 members who belong to different political lists. Your votes decide who may enter the StuPa and. Thus how many votes are available to the respective lists.

The StuPa's tasks include the election of the AStA's speakers, changes to the statutes, decisions on the student body's budget and the appointment of official university-wide committees. Above all, however, it represents the opinion of the entire VS on certain topics and therefore benefits significantly from each individual vote, which legitimizes it in its function as a representative, e.g. vis-à-vis the KIT.

More detailed information about the individuals on the respective lists can be found in the election valve of the AStA

Strike Ballots

Ballots are important decisions that are made directly by the student body.
This year the following two questions will be decided by ballot:

1. Ballot on CAMPUSbike

Currently, a test phase for CAMPUSbike is running until the end of September. Now there is the possibility to extend the offer until September 2024. The ballot decides on the conclusion of such a contract.

You can read all information about the terms of the contract in this document. Do you think the conditions are reasonable or completely exaggerated? Cast your vote and become part of a democratic decision.

2. Ballot fzs

The fzs is currently the only general, party-independent, nationwide student association in Germany. It represents students at the federal level and ensures that student needs are taken into account in federal politics. Its members comprise about one third of the students in Germany. This makes the fzs the largest student association in Germany.

The discussion about the ballot on joining the fzs started a strongly polarizing debate in the student parliament.
Therefore, for a better overview, pro and con texts were written, which you can read in this document.

Due to the many different opinions, it is also important here that you can represent an opinion through your vote and that the majority can be represented by a clear decision.




Auch wenn Corona noch nicht überstanden ist wollen wir die Möglichkeiten nutzen und ein online Bierpongturnier veranstalten. Dazu laden wir euch herzlich ein! 
Es findet am 25.06. ab 19 Uhr über Discord statt. Damit wir den Turnierverlauf planen können gibt es ein Anmeldeformular: (bitte meldet euch bis zum 24.06. - 23:59 Uhr an).

Ihr könnt euch als 2er Teams anmelden, theoretisch geht auch alleine. Als 2er Teams ergibt das aber alles mehr Sinn und aufgrund der Lockerungen könnt ihr euch im Rahmen der Möglichkeiten treffen und gemeinsam als Team antreten!

Alle weiteren Infos, was ihr braucht findet ihr im Anmeldeformular. Es gibt auch Preise zu gewinnen! Wir freuen uns auf euch!

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