Studentische Interessenvertretung

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The Orientation phase


The O-Phase is an event for all freshmen of the faculties for Mechanical and Chemical Engineering organized by the Fachschaft. It takes place during the two weeks before the start of lectures. During this time, you get to know your fellow students and the university and get an overview on how studying at a university works.


Apart from a lot of information events on the course of studies, the program contains a lot of leisure activities. We will discover the nightlife of Karlsruhe, go to the disco, organize parties for you and more. There will be a great deal of fun during the O-Phase! The calendar of the O-Phase will contain all events. The events will also be announced in the pre-course in Mathematics (embedded into the O-Phase program) and the calendar is also printed on the bulletin board in front of our office. An application to the O-Phase in general is not necessary, although some events require a registration.