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Attention for the O-Phase: Technical issues with the KIT-Mailserver

Especially relevant for the freshmen and the Crew of the O-Phase:

Dear freshmen, please try to make it possible for us to reach you through our mailing lists. For that, you need to (temporarily) register a private email address or you need to ensure that you are reachable with your address by following the steps below.

Dear Crew, please ensure that we can reach you with the email address you have given us at the Crew registration. If you used your address, please follow the steps below.

Due to a security issue with Microsoft exchange, access to the exchange webservices is not available through the internet. OWA - - as well as Outlook and other clients, using Exchange Active Sync currently only work through the KIT internal network.

To access emails through the external internet, you need to use the VPN or mail clients such as thunderbird which use IMAP and SMTP. More information can be found here.

The SCC hopes, that the issues will be fixed next Tuesday (11.10.2022).

More Information can be found on the page of SCC.